Fiji Transport Guide: 6 Best Ways to Get Around Fiji [2024]

Fiji occupies over 1.3 million square kilometres in the southwest Pacific. On a map, the islands appear sufficiently near to hop between. Still, with insufficient facilities, this can be a time-consuming procedure that frequently involves returning to either Nadi or Suva.

Viti Levu, the largest island, is exceedingly well connected by public transportation and easy to visit, as are the popular beach locations of the Mamanucas and Yasawa Islands, which are accessible by quick catamaran.

Exploring further out, however, necessitates patience and a sense of adventure, as cumbersome passenger ferries and transport boats visit the farthest islands on a weekly or monthly basis, while flights in small propeller planes land on gravel and, in some cases, grass airstrips.

Bus Transfer

For group travel in Fiji, reliable and simple transportation is essential. Get outstanding minibus services to fit your group’s transportation needs, making your vacation to Fiji simple and fun.

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Boat Transfer

If you want a completely exciting experience, consider booking a cruise to Fiji. These excursions typically include visits to several islands, cultural tours, and a variety of aquatic activities. Private water taxis are a wonderful choice for a more private experience. These can be booked for private or public transportation and feature a variety of starting and arrival points.

Fiji is well-known for its island-hopping experiences, and ferry connections make seeing multiple islands in a single trip easier. A ferry transfer is ready to carry you to the Mamanuca Islands, Yasawa Islands, or the Lau Group, with transfer options to suit a variety of interests and budgets.

Helicopter Transfer

GO LOCAL FIJI’s special VIP lounge services and boarding gates enable secure contactless registration, boarding, social distancing, and bespoke travel experiences.

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Car Transfer

Traveling in a rental cab is sure to save you money and keep you under budget. Aside from that, it takes equal care of the environment. You may reduce pollution, conserve resources like petroleum and gasoline, and avoid unnecessary travel. This helps you get to your destination faster and avoids the noise of horns.

We deliver unparalleled service and convenience. With a simple website and easy-to-follow processes, you can have the cab at the exact area you wish it to pick you up from. Pre-arrangements are simple and need little time.

Yasawa Flyer

Yasawa Flyer Island Transfers is your ticket to paradise, whether you want to relax on pristine beaches, snorkel in crystal-clear waters, or learn about Fijian culture.


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Van Transfer

Booking a van provides you with convenient, affordable, and worry-free group transportation. If you want to travel in a vehicle that is suitable for groups or families, this is the safest method to do so.

Van services are reasonably priced, making this an attractive option. You can now just book one and travel to your location without hassle. No more standing at the stands and devoting your attention to route discoveries or even ride issues. We will make certain that you have the greatest and fastest drive.


In Fiji, the primary modes of transportation include buses, taxis, rental cars, ferries, domestic flights, and walking.

Taxis are readily available in major towns and cities in Fiji. In more remote areas, you might need to arrange transportation in advance.

Yes, many roads in Fiji are well-maintained, especially in urban areas and popular tourist destinations. However, some rural areas may have rougher terrain, so it’s essential to choose a suitable vehicle if you plan to self-drive.

Public buses are a reliable and affordable option for traveling between towns and cities in Fiji. They may not always adhere to strict schedules, but Fiji Island Tours offer a convenient way to explore the islands.

Yes, you can rent a car in Fiji with a valid international driver’s license. Remember to drive on the left side of the road, as is the custom in Fiji.

When using taxis, it’s customary to negotiate the fare before starting your journey. Additionally, it’s polite to greet the driver with a friendly “bula” (hello) and thank them with a “vinaka” (thank you) at the end of your ride.

Yes, ferries and domestic flights are popular options for traveling between the islands of Fiji. Ferries provide a scenic journey, while domestic flights offer a quicker way to reach distant destinations.

Walking is a great way to explore smaller towns and local attractions in Fiji, especially in areas with pedestrian-friendly infrastructure. However, for longer distances or remote areas, other modes of transportation may be more practical.