Mud, Thrills and Blooms: A Nadi Adventure in 4 hours

Mud, Thrills and Blooms: A Nadi Adventure in 4 hours

Discover Nadi’s elegance and charm in this fully packed and comprehensive trip including the well-known landmarks and off-beaten hidden jewels of Nadi. You will see the original Fiji from the busy Nadi Fruit and Vegetable market to the calm Sabeto Valley. You can enjoy every ounce of your time in those beautiful places and quote ‘Heaven on the Earth’ by some of our visitors.
One of the main attractions of Nadi is warm mud pools and natural hot springs which are surrounded by tropical vegetation. So get ready to witness a journey filled with beauty, food and a bag full of memories. Our educated local guide will share information with you on the history, culture and traditions of the area to make your tour a memorable one. So what’s the wait for? Book your 4-hour Nadi tour now!

What does the 4-hour Nadi tour involve?

Your tour is an unforgettable journey formulated by you and your loved ones at your own pace with our help! It involves:

  • A comfortable, modern and fully air-conditioned vehicle
  • Driver and English-speaking guide
  • The tour is private so only you and your loved ones will be attending.
  • Pick and drop facility from the wharf at your convenience is available.
  • On the day of your tour, our guide may recommend the finest possibilities for making your trip a memorable one.
  • Note that payment is made in advance at the time of booking. Additionally, there are no hidden fees or credit card charges.
  • No minimum or maximum guests, any number of them are acceptable to us.
  • Remember that entry fees are not acceptable and must be paid in Fijian dollars.
  • You can exchange your currency in Fijian dollars from Monday to Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM in the facilities available near the port or ATMs.
  • Lastly, note that any traveling outside Suva town/Nadi/Lautoka will be charged with an additional fee.
A 4 Hour Fijian Ride

A 4 Hour Fijian Ride

Get ready to whirl in your head around the adventure of Fiji packed with relaxation, thrills and taste of local flavors! Below are some of the most famous sightseeing options given just for you!

9 AM – Start with mud mask magic and botanical bliss

  • You can start your tour with a bath in the Sabeto mud pool. This mineral-rich mud can melt away your stress on a hot Fijian day.
  • Then head towards the Orchid Garden (Sleeping Giant). Here you can wander among the vibrant tapestry of exotic orchids, learning about the unique shapes, aromas and aura from your local guide.

10: 30 AM – Soar your way through paradise

  • Here you can unleash your inner Tarzan by riding on thrilling Sabeto Zipline adventures. Get a chance to explore the rainforest canopy of Sabetp through a bird’s eye view of the breathtaking Fijian landscape.

11:30 AM – Choose your Fijian flavor

  • You can stop for at least 1 hour and taste the local food and flavors.

Hearts of Gold: A Tour of Nadi Orphanage

You can visit a local Nadi Orphanage and experience the warmth of Fijian hospitality. Try to spend some time interacting with children and learning about their experiences.

Nadi Town Buzz

Immerse yourself in the energy of Nadi Town. Here you can get a chance to visit the Nadi Produce Market filled with colorful fruits, vegetables and unique crafts. If you want to go around Nadi then you can also book out cab booking services in Fiji. Are you planning to visit nadi city?? We provide the best deals in car rental, You can book our car rental service in fiji.

Spiritual rides

Once your orphanage visit and market exploration is done then you choose to visit the Sri Siva Subramaniya Temple. Remember the time constraints and you can enjoy the depth of Hindy culture and immerse yourself in a peaceful atmosphere.

Farewell Fiji: See you next time

At around 1 PM, your guide will drop you off at the designated location leaving with you many memories and a newfound appreciation for Nadi’s charm.

Remember that these sightseeing options are just optional; you can adjust them with your guide as per your preferences.

The story is not over yet!

  • Keep your eyes glued to the beauty of Nadi by capturing all those Fijian village traditions.
  • Remember to carry your camera with you to capture all those Insta-worthy moments.
  • Never forget to carry your swimsuits for the mud pools and comfortable shoes for the zipline.
  • Have Fijian dollars for any entry fees or purchases.

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