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Fiji is a stunning paradise located in the South Pacific with its clear blue waters, greenery and cool climate. It’s a beautiful place with beaches and its vibrant culture to make your holiday a special and memorable one. There are many travel agents to assist tourists with their plans for this tropical paradise.

Go Local Fiji is here to help you with all sorts of flights, accommodations, and activities to let you have a seamless experience. We make sure that your trip includes beautiful spots and the exclusive hidden gems of Fiji. Be it a romantic getaway or a family trip Go Local Fiji will cater to all your diverse preferences and enhance your trip with enchanting memories.

What we offer for your Fiji trip

We specialize in creating the best and most immersive experiences for all our tourists. Have a look at what we have to offer to make your trip adventurous.

Captivating Itineraries:
We try to design itineraries that are more than just typical tourist attractions. We try to focus more on the authentic adventures and let you explore the true essence of Fiji.

Sustainable tourism:
Our goal is to promote more and more sustainable tourism which includes incorporating eco-friendly practices. A collaboration is made with the local communities as well.

We try to include the resorts and hotels that have a greater view and give you a beautiful Fijian experience.

Fun activities:
We ensure that your trip is full of adventures and you get a chance to explore and experience more. We add a cultural element as well to your adventures with many fun activities like snorkelling, kayaking and much more.

Special events and festivals:
We also make sure that you get an opportunity to attend some of the local Fiji events and festivals that will enhance your more to enjoy the diverse culture of Fiji.

Culinary experiences:
Travellers can also enjoy the diverse flavours of Fiji while having the local food and markets highlighting the Fijian Cuisine.

Language and Dance workshops:
Travellers also have an option to engage in Fijian language lessons and learn traditional dances. This will let them connect with the Fijian culture and would surely be a unique experience altogether.

Brief about our Best tours in Fiji

Fiji has magnificent destinations and hidden spots for you to explore. Our team of experts will take you to the undiscovered places which includes Nadi sightseeing which will immerse you with the diverse culture and rich landscapes.

Next is the Coral Coast where you will find clean and watered beaches. Here you will also experience the beautiful marine life under the waters.
Another is the Lautoka city sightseeing where we take you to the streets of the city. Here you will get a chance to explore the sugar industries Lautoka is known as the Sugar City as it has the biggest cane belt areas of sugar.

Another is the tour of Suva city in Fiji where you will find broad avenues, museums and lush green parks. It is a city full of colors and the local markets have the local fruits and vegetables.
These are the beautiful attractions that we offer to give you the most magical experience.

Why choose Go Local Fiji?

Going local to Fiji is so far the best option for you to have an engaging experience while being at Fiji. Our expertly crafted Itineraries go beyond the typical tourist attractions and we are here to explore the new and unseen. One of our striking features is that we offer 24-hour transfer services giving you the utmost comfort. Our team has adequate knowledge to guide you through the local Fijian experience and introduce you to the culture of Fiji.

We also customize the tour as per your requirements and choices. Whether it’s a romantic getaway or a family trip we have individual travel plans for both. We aim to give you a lifetime experience and make your trip a remarkable one.

We also provide private air transfers from one place to another for a comfortable experience. A well-developed bus, taxis and private vehicle system is also available. Our vehicles have well-equipped drivers who know driving and safety rules.

Our booking system is quite easy where you need to mention your details and fill out the form. You can also avail of different offers that we have while booking your transfers online. We do not take any kind of hidden charges and you can trust us as more than 10K customers have invested here and we have not let them down ever. You can call us or email us for bookings or any queries at or for that matter.
We will try our best to curate a fantastic tour for you that will take you on the beautiful journey of Fiji and let you explore untapped treasures.


Fiji, located in the South Pacific, offers stunning landscapes, clear blue waters, beautiful beaches, and a vibrant culture, making it an ideal destination for a memorable holiday.

Go Local Fiji specializes in creating immersive experiences, offering captivating itineraries focused on authentic adventures, sustainable tourism practices, carefully selected accommodations, fun activities like snorkeling and kayaking, attendance to local events and festivals, diverse culinary experiences, and engaging language and dance workshops.

Go Local Fiji’s best tours include Nadi sightseeing for cultural immersion, Coral Coast with pristine beaches and marine life, Lautoka city exploring the sugar industries, and Suva city with broad avenues, museums, and local markets. These tours promise magical and enriching experiences.

Choosing Go Local Fiji ensures an engaging experience beyond typical tourist attractions. With expertly crafted itineraries, 24-hour transfer services, knowledgeable guides, customization options, and a commitment to providing a remarkable experience, Go Local Fiji stands out. Private air transfers, well-equipped vehicles, an easy booking system, and transparent pricing make it a reliable choice

Go Local Fiji provides private air transfers, a well-developed system of buses, taxis, and private vehicles with knowledgeable drivers. The transportation options aim to ensure a comfortable and safe journey for travelers.

Booking with Go Local Fiji is easy. Simply provide your details and fill out the form on our website. Take advantage of different online offers without worrying about hidden charges. For bookings or inquiries, contact us at or

Yes, Go Local Fiji offers customization options for romantic getaways, family trips, and individual travel plans. The aim is to provide a personalized and unforgettable experience based on individual preferences and choices.

Go Local Fiji has successfully served over 10,000 customers with a commitment to transparency and reliability. Our customer testimonials speak for our trustworthy service. Feel free to contact us through email or phone for any queries or bookings.

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