Unveiling Fiji’s Paradise: A Coral Coast Adventure

Unveiling Fiji’s Paradise: A Coral Coast Adventure

Visit Coral Coast and embark on a captivating journey which is a tapestry of paradise woven with lush rainforests, dramatic coastlines and ancient cultural treasures. This is an all-encompassing tour unlocking the secrets of the captivating region leaving you breathless with its beauty.

Our adventure tour begins with soul-soothing sightseeing options. If you want to get rejuvenated from the daily hustle and bustle of life then immerse yourself in the emerald embrace of the Fijian rainforest following a path decorated with exotic flora. You can also learn about the traditional way of life from the local villagers. They can give you a gist about how the history of this town got intertwined with cascading waters giving birth to this beautiful place.

Sigatoka is also known as ‘salad bowl town’ where you can experience a vibrant culture of local markets overflowing with fresh products and unique souvenirs. You can savor yourself with a delightful lunch at your choice of eateries fueling your explorations further.

The next famous spot that you can experience is Sigatoka Sand Dunes. It is a national geographical heritage site. Here you can traverse a scenery trail weaving through the dunes and exotic forests for a glimpse into Fiji’s prehistoric past. Our experienced and knowledgeable guide will unveil the fascinating history of this unique landscape.

Our VIP Coral Coast Experience: Crafted for Your Comfort and Exploration

Our coral coast adventures are designed to meet your needs and deliver unparalleled comfort.

Ride in style

Our luxuriously air-conditioned vehicles with modern technologies are maintained impeccably. This is your private chariot for the day ensuring a cool and comfortable journey throughout the exploration.

Your expert companions

Our knowledgeable local guide who is fluent in English and brimming with passion for Fiji will be your window into the history and culture of the island.

Unveiling paradise

Our private tours are far away from the traditional crowded group adventures. The itinerary is designed and crafted especially for you and your loved ones to provide a personalized experience.

Convenience at your doorstep

We will provide you with a convenient pickup and drop-off option ensuring a seamless transition from your relaxation haven to your Fijian adventure and back.

Hydration comes first!

To keep you refreshed and hydrated we provide our guests with a complimentary bottle of water.


  • The entire tour will be designed according to your choices and our guides will suggest perfect sightseeing options.
  • We provide you with a complete lunchtime freedom where you can choose your meal.
  • Our tour price is all-inclusive with no hidden fees or surprise credit charges.
  • There is no minimum or maximum group size; we welcome almost any number of guests for our adventure tours.
  • Entry fees to certain specific locations are not included in the tour allowing you to manage your budget accordingly.

So get ready to craft your perfect Fijian adventure by joining us on the Coral Coast tour and discovering this paradise at your own pace.

Coral Coast Highlights: A 4-Hour Adventure

8 AM Sigatoka Town and lookout

Start your day with a vibrant tour of Sigatoka town which is also known as the ‘Salad Bowl’ of Fiji. Here you can explore the bustling market overflowing with fresh produce, handcrafts and local delicacies.

9 AM Sigatoka Sand Dunes

The journey to Sigatoka Sand Dunes National Park is a marvel that you surely do not want to miss. Here you can embark on a short guided walk through golden dunes encountering the unique flora and fauna.

10 AM Due to time constraints chose either Kula Eco Park or Lawai Village

  • For the wildlife lovers, the Kula Eco Park is a paradise. Here you can witness diverse fauna and flora. (entry fees apply)
  • Whereas the Lawai Village provides you with an opportunity to explore the kava ceremony which is considered a symbol of welcome and respect. Here you can interact with villagers and spend quality time exploring the depths of life.

11:30 AM A Scenic Drive and Optional Lunch

  • Then you can enjoy a scenic drive along the Coral Coast through the turquoise water and lush landscapes
  • You can also stop at your preferred eateries at the beachfront restaurant or local place to enjoy Fijain delicacies.

Choose between Natadola Beach and Momi Gun Site due to time constraints

Natadola beach

Then take a quick drive by world-renowned Natadola beach. Here you can witness pristine white sand and crystal clear waters.

Momi Gun Site

For all history lovers, the Momi Gun Site is a must. Here you can explore the remains of WWII coastal defense fortifications offering a gist of Fiji’s wartime past.

Return to your accommodation

Lastly, you can relax and reminisce about your exciting Coral Coast adventures as you return back to your hotel.

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