5 Hours Coral Coast Sightseeing Tour

This 5 hour private tour is best suited for those who are staying in Nadi or the Sigatoka / Coral Coast Corridor.

Tour Details

A private tour and a distinctive cultural tavel

Let our team of experts put together a customised tour to meet your specific needs, whatever the size of your party, or your timescale. Ideal for private groups, families, friends, study groups or corporate guests. Your own vehicle and guide all to yourself. Itinerary designed to meet your exact requirements. Get the inside knowledge with a tour of the Coral Coast, either from the comfort of an air-conditioned vehicle, or with the wind in your hair.

Tour Inclusions:

  • Pick up and Drop off at any hotel between Intercontinental – Warwick
  • Modern Air Condition Vehicle
  • Chauffeur and a Tour Guide who speaks fluent English
  • Shell-Lei and bottled water each
  • Lunch at Sitar Restaurant ($25FJD per person)
  • Entry fees are not included and only accepted in Fijian Dollars
  • Foreign exchange office hours are normally 9:00am – 5:00pm on Monday – Friday and located at the Sigatoka Town or ATM machines.
  • Your guide can suggest on the day the best options for sightseeing especially if no strenuous physical activity is required or you can request what you want instead.
  • Nothing is fixed, the schedule is flexible, and the experience it totally your own, it cannot be matched.

Sightseeing Options:

  • Sigatoka Sand Dunes- one of Fiji’s National Archaeological Heritage Site, where you will begin your 30 minutes trek up the dunes. $10FJD per adult, $5FJD per child (below 18yrs)
  • Lawai Pottery Village– home of Lapita Pottery making. Here, you will be given the chance to partake in village dances and entertainment, witness pottery making, acquire a Fijian Souvenir, mingle with the villagers and learn about their lifestyles.
  • Local School Tour- closed on Sat, Sun and school hols. Allow 15 mins for this stop. You’re welcome to bring gifts, please no lollies. Games, books, pens, paper etc are all good
  • Furniture Factory and Showroom- Pacific Green has designed and manufactured exotic furniture and home accessories for 40 years. A tour around the show room.
  • Kula Eco Park- visit it to see the amazing reptiles, bird life, amphibians, tropical fish, the Fiji flying fox, insects, butterflies and a large variety of trees and shrubs, turtle feeding. $50FJD per adult, $25FJD per child (3-11yrs)
  • Natadola Beach- Its vast bank of white sand slides into a cobalt sea, which provides good swimming and snorkeling regardless of the tide Local villagers tie up their horses under the trees near the car park and pounce on tourists as soon as they arrive. They are fairly persistent and you’ll shock them if you don’t want a horse ride – a gentle 45-minutes or so along the beach costs about $30. Graduating from the same school of high-pressure sales tactics are the coconut and seashell sellers. They’re great if you want coconuts or shells but tiring if you don’t.
  • Baravi Handicrafts- Great assortment of souvenirs, the shop has all the souvenirs, trinkets, clothing, books and music that you find at different places in Fiji, but here all in one place.
  • Biausevu Waterfall- The Biausevu Waterfall (also known as Savu Na Mate Laya Falls) is a pretty 20m waterfall on the Coral Coast of southern Viti Levu near the Biausevu village, $25FJD per person
  • Sigatoka Market- The market is important as it connects the whole of Fiji – to the wide range of fruits and vegetables that come from the famously fertile, farming district, known as “Fiji’s salad bowl”. Everyday locals come to trade, barter and sell their produce. The market represents just how the economy really works in Fiji.


  • 1-4 seat vehicle- $585FJD
  • 5-8 seat vehicle- $839FJD
  • 9-12 seat vehicle- $1332FJD

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