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Discovering Fiji’s Hidden Waterfalls: Tours For Nature Lovers

Fiji’s clean beaches, tasty seafood, and variety of waterfalls attract visitors from all over. Although the country has over 300 islands, just a few are high enough to support waterfalls. The rest are either deserted or lack the topographical conditions necessary for waterfalls.

The waterfalls in Fiji are nothing short of spectacular. Just a warning: you will most likely fall in love with them at first sight and may never want to return to your desk job.

Sabeto Waterfall Tour

The Sabeto Waterfall Tour combines adventure and natural beauty to create a unique experience.

This tour takes you into the lush Fijian jungle, where you’ll find tumbling waterfalls and crystal-clear pools. The tour lasts roughly three hours, allowing you lots of time to take in the breathtaking scenery and learn about nature’s playground.

Along the route, you will be able to learn about the local flora and animals from professional guides.

After visiting the waterfalls, head to nearby attractions like Sabeto Hot Springs and Mud Pools to relax and refresh in the therapeutic waters.

Nausori Highland Waterfall Tour

Explore Viti Levu’s interior on a beautiful mountain drive through the breathtaking Nausori Highlands, which takes about an hour from Nadi. Travel through the rugged countryside to an actual Fijian village before swimming at the Waterfall.

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Travel through the rugged countryside to an actual Fijian village before swimming at the Waterfall.

Take a gorgeous drive over the rocky landscape, passing through a traditional Fijian hamlet, till you reach the breathtaking waterfall. Take a nice swim in the clean, calm water to replenish your soul.

Biausevu Waterfall tour

It is also known as Savu Na Mate Laya Falls and is considered one of Fiji’s most stunning waterfalls. Biausevu waterfall tour is a 20m towering marvel whose breathtaking beauty attracts tourists and locals daily.

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You will never find the area unoccupied; it is usually full of children playing by the pool and men and women swimming. It’s an ideal site for a day excursion. You must hike to reach the waterfall. The climb is 3.3 kilometers long, and it takes from 30 minutes to an hour to reach the falls.

Nabalasere Waterfall Tour

One of the highlights of the Nabalasere Waterfall Tour is the amazing natural beauty.

The tour leads travelers through lush jungles and gorgeous landscapes, with breathtaking scenery at every turn.

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As you walk towards the waterfall, you’ll be surrounded by nature’s sights and sounds, soaking up the peacefulness.

When you reach the waterfall, you’ll be welcomed by the spectacular sight of water tumbling down the rocks, producing a stunning spectacle.

The crystal-clear pool at the base of the waterfall also provides wonderful swimming chances, allowing you to calm down and unwind in the midst of nature’s delights.

Colo-i-Suva Waterfall Tour

The Colo-i-Suva Waterfall Tour in Suva is a fascinating experience that showcases the breathtaking aspects of this magnificent natural beauty. The tour takes visitors on a journey through the stunning surroundings of Colo-i-Suva Forest Park, which is just outside of Suva.

As you walk through the beautiful rainforest, you’ll hear flowing water and see cascading waterfalls. These waterfalls make an excellent backdrop for a relaxing swim at one of the trail’s many natural bathing holes. The crystal-clear waters beckon you to have a swim and cool down in the peaceful surroundings.

Wrapping It Up

Make your reservation for the Waterfall Tour as soon as possible and lose yourself in the entrancing splendor of Fiji’s undiscovered paradise in order to generate memories that will last long after the tour is over. Allow the calming sounds of flowing water and the pure appeal of Biausevu to do the work.